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                    SH-550 four grinding machine

                    Product description:

                    ★ Intelligent adjust the speed, troubleshooting can increase the effectiveness and ease of use.

                    ★ stepless adjustment axle positioning for different stone. Floor grinding intensity effects.

                    ★ a multi-purpose machine, easy handling, easy operation, beautiful appearance, large capacity water tank

                    ★ multipurpose design, weight adjustable grinding adjustable, adjustable speed, can achieve the best effect of construction

                    ★ Control panel operation more convenient and flexible, elegant

                    magnetic stick head, easy to replace

                    Scope: stone renovation, floor leveling curing agent, polishing, polishing, one.

                    Technical parameters (SH-550 two grinding machine)

                     Width    550
                     Horsepower  5.5HP (Siemens motor) = 4 kilowatts
                     Voltage  380V
                     Speed  0-1800pm/min 900 pm / min
                     Weight  195kg (without counterweight)
                     Number of Discs  4 12 grinding
                     With heavy rail  20kg / block
                    Noise   ≤ 60dba
                    Configuration Wire a heavier iron one, tool set, bickering 2